Nomthunzie Township Tours

Are you looking for more than the oversubscribed, clichéd travel experiences? Sure you are! Be bold, be different… maak a skyf, sip umQuomboti, shake it to some Kwela, have more than a few good laughs and meet some amazing people. Transcend the tourist traps and join a guided walk in Masiphumelele.

Meet local families, visit shops, shebeens, a hairdresser and other businesses, nurseries, schools, churches and various other projects. By appointment you could visit a sangoma and learn a little about traditional practices and herbal healing. Maybe he or she will throw the bones for you. Experience firsthand how people live in what is often difficult circumstances and you will see some of the work being done to restore dignity to a previously disadvantaged community.

“We will succeed” is the mantra and meaning of the name Masiphumelele, a community that is proud of their low crime statistic. They were also commended by the national press for the being the first township in South Africa to collectively reach out to help foreign nationals affected by Xenophobic violence.

A bit about Nomthunzie… Guiding, educating and entertaining visitors to Masiphumelele since 1996, Nomthunzie is a community person and friend to everyone. Let her know if you would like to eat a meal there or visit a sangoma. If you request in advance, she can sometimes arrange for traditional musicians and dancers to entertain you whilst you tuck into a hearty African feast prepared by Zukie. On Sundays she runs a Gospel tour where you will hear beautiful South African township spiritual music. You support only local people with your visit. “Please come and experience what life is like for my brothers and sisters in the township and I will describe to you what has changed in recent years since democracy.


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