Cape Camino

Cape Camino – a walking pilgrimage route around the Cape peninsula hosted by diverse sacred spaces, communities and neighbourhoods, and the magnificent natural setting of the Cape.

The modern-day pilgrim is invited to ‘Choose their Way’ and walk the nine day journey in one go or break it up. The experience is a personal one, a chance to slow down, and reconnect with yourself, nature and your beliefs.

The route offers spectacular views, landscapes and endemic fauna and flora home to the Cape. It is both urban and rural and heads through communities, neighbourhoods, along boardwalks, footpaths, wine farms, forests, beaches and more.

Pilgrims can choose where to sleep, eat, who their chaperone will be and other services. All this information is found in a Directory which is filled with Camino partners, who offer discounts to pilgrims with passports.

The experience is suited to both locals and foreigns. Locals enjoy a Local Pilgrim’s Passport which can be used along with the Camino Experience Kit.

The Camino Experience Kit is a full starter pack to get you ready for your journey.

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Noordhoek Leg

The Lady Lighthouse Leg starts in Scarborough and ends in Noordhoek (or visa verse). An 18 km stretch across Noordhoek and Long beach, following the Strandloper’s footpath at Misty Cliffs.

A local chaperone and/or security group is recommended over Noordhoek beach. Available in the Cape Camino Directory.

Reasons to walk the Cape Camino:

1. Walk a personal pilgrimage to slow down, take a break from a busy life.

2. Walk a Camino to reflect and connect with yourself, nature and the Cape. It is your sacred journey.

3. Challenge yourself. Be pushed out of your comfort zone.

4. Explore the Cape peninsula on foot: the exquisite natural beauty, diverse sacred spaces, cultures, history, local businesses offering unique goods and services.

5. Meet other like-minded people.


It would be wonderful if the route could go into the new Noordhoek Map. I have attached two documents:

1. The different Ways.

2. The full Nav Paper Booklet for the tricky areas along the route. The Key for Lady Lighthouse is I, J and K.

More information on the Route

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