The Month of Earth Hour

2017 marks the 10th Earth Hour, which is the world’s biggest environmental event. Hundreds of millions of people in over 170 countries around the world will show their care and concern for the earth by switching off all non-essential lights at 8:30pm for one hour on Saturday March 25th.

Who started it?

Earth hour has been organized by the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) and has an aim not relating to how much energy is saved during the hour, but rather as a chance to spotlight the issues which our planet faces as well as to inspire millions worldwide to live more sustainably.

The idea is that the choices we make and actions we take past the hour can assist in reducing the impacts of climate change on our planet, its wildlife and future generations.

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Does it help?

As according to Jonathan Mariano, Earth Hour does have an impact provided that people as well as companies who participate are doing so out of their own choice and concern.

The reasons as to why Earth Hour helps is due to:

  1. Attention- it takes a hold of our attention, if but for an hour

  2. Awareness- it brings about awareness of sustainability issues

  3. Action- it inspires action towards sustainability, beyond the hour

Attention and awareness are the small parts which lay down the foundation for action- the component that matters. Attention and Awareness can shift one’s mindset towards sustainability and thereafter its taking action with that mindset, which counts.

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Taking action:

Ways in which you can take part range from initiatives taken within your household, workplace and community.

Whether it be discussions about sustainability or drawing up grander initiatives to be taken up by your household, business or community to reduce your carbon footprint, everything counts if there is dialogue and some action on your part.

In other parts of the world some initiatives include:

  • Uganda: The planting of half a million trees in order to protest the deforestation of ecosystems across the globe.

  • Russia: Pushing a bill through congress with over 120,000 signatures, which focuses in on protecting the country’s seas from Oil pollution.

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Noordhoek is a little piece of environmental heaven, those inhabiting the area are sure to be as passionate about the environment as you are, if you don’t yet know of any environmental initiatives taking place why not create your own!

Don’t worry if you don’t have the means to take such action yet, there’s never too little time to come up with an initiative, and as per the WWF: "It’s not about sitting in the dark for an hour – whether someone is enjoying their favorite book, getting together with friends for a candlelit (dinner) party or stargazing with loved ones, it’s their event too!”