Sleepy Hollow Horse Riding


We go out most days at 9.00, 13.00 and 16.00

Horses are superbly schooled and rider friendly. You are accompanied by knowledgeable and experienced trail guides.

Age limit:12 years to 65 years of age.

Weight limit:no persons over 90 kg – all people will be weighed at the office! There is no refund for being over the weight limit.

Duration: 2 hours

Arrival time: 30 minutes before trail

Cost: R650.00 per person 

Speed: mostly at a walk


Trails go out at 11.30am upon booking (arrival time: 30 min before trail departure). Horses are superbly schooled and rider friendly. You are accompanied by knowledgeable and experienced trail guides.

Only riders between the ages of 8 -12years (during peak times 8 – 12 years), weighing below 90kg will be allowed to go on bush trails, although we do make exceptions during school terms.   The ride will be 1 hour long and costs R350.00 per person. The trail will be kept at a walk and only in certain exceptions will there be a trot or a canter.


Trails go out every day (except on Thursdays only from 11.30am) between 09.00am and the last will leave at 14.30pm when we have ponies available who are not busy with lessons or therapy sessions. Please call before coming for a pony ride to be sure when we have ponies available! The ponies will be led by our very competent grooms.

Only riders between the ages of 2 and 12 years will be allowed to go on pony rides. Parents are encouraged to walk alongside. The ride will be 30 minutes long and costs R150 per child. The ride around the farm and along the lanes of Noordhoek will be kept at a walk.


We offer riding lessons for both children and adults from Mondays to Fridays during the school term – either a half-hour individual lesson or a one hour group lesson. Group lessons will only be allowed after the rider has had ample individual lessons with one of our instructors and the instructor deems the rider capable of joining a certain group of her/her skill when there is an opening. The rider will have one lesson per week every week, at the cost of R2 310.00 per government school term.

 We can also arrange ‘once off’ lessons for guests visiting on holiday. This costs R270.00 for one half an hour individual lesson.


Pony Camps are held every school holiday for kids between 4 and 18 years. We send out newsletters with the details about the dates and costs before each holiday. To get our newsletter, please send us an email at requesting to be on our mailing list for Pony Camps specifically.   You will also find the newsletter on our website.


Pony parties available over weekends and depending on availability, during mornings of holidays at the cost of R700 for two hours.  This will include the use of the playground at Sleepy Hollow and two ponies for the half an hour (R150 per pony for every half an hour after that).  Maximum of 12 children and if it is raining, there is an indoor room where the party may be held.  You may also decorate the venue and we supply tables and benches.

Because our dogs tend to pull over bins and eat your left over’s, we ask you to please bring a refuse bag and take home when full. Much appreciated

At client’s own venue (in Noordhoek Valley only) over weekends or during holidays upon availability: R200 per pony per half an hour.  A maximum of 2 ponies at a venue.  Handler included.

General ability to speak and understand English IMPORTANT for safety reasons.

Arrival time is 30 minutes before actual time booked, (please park inside the property) this allows us to meet and great, equip you with the correct equipment, sign indemnities and do a safety talk.

Riding experience is not essential as we allocate horses according to skill, however you need to bear in mind that horse riding is considered an extreme sport and horses all have their own personalities.

The trail will be kept at a walk. Only in certain exceptions will there be a trot or a canter.  In accordance with Table Mountain National Parks rules no galloping is allowed on the beach at any time.

If you are pregnant, have had a recent operation or have a medical condition that maybe deemed unsafe to ride (if unsure please ask us), for safety reasons you may not ride on any of our trails or rides.

Riding hats are compulsory and we do supply these. No hat – no ride.

Riders must wear long pants and closed secure shoes with a small heel (1-1,5cm).  We have a selection of shoes from which you may borrow, but please bring own socks! 

No alcohol or recreational drugs may be consumed before the ride, and no alcohol is allowed on the beach.



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