Our members take on the eco challenge

This year has brought us to face some of the important ways in which we interact with and influence our environment. From the water restrictions and water shortages in Cape Town and other parts of South Africa, to the reminder of the upcoming Earth Hour event on the 25th March. We are brought to reflect upon our relationship with earth and how we better preserve her for future generations.

Noordhoek is not far behind on this with our two featured accommodations embracing and applying our need for eco-friendly lifestyles.

The Two Oceans ApartmentWild Rose Guest Lodge  and African Queen Guesthouse have plunged right in. 

Here's what they've been up to:

Water wise:

  • Wild Rose Guest Lodge has converted 5 of their 10 bathrooms into a grey-water system which recycles their water

  • They also plan to, in the future, install black water systems which will further assist in the ease of recycling water.

  • The Two Oceans Apartment make use of a salt-water chlorinator to make drinkable water as well as utilizing water-saving shower heads and using greywater for watering flower pots

  • They also provide information about recycling as well as water restrictions to visitors

  • African Queen Guesthouse has salt water chlorinators for the two pools

The Earth and energy:
  • Both Wild Rose and Two Oceans make use of recycling various materials such as glass, newspaper and plastics.

  • Wild Rose Guest Lodge have their own composting system- maintained by worms, as well as having partnered with GREEN CUBE in making compost from old thatch that has been replaced.

  • Both Wild Rose and Two Oceans save energy through using solar geysers and in African Queen Guesthouse all hot water is heated by solar geysers.

  • Two Oceans Apartments uses these solar geysers to heat their pool and power outdoor lighting, they also have energy-saving light-bulbs indoors.

  • They too make use of a composting system for their main house. African Queen has a process of composting of all kitchen waste through either chickens or worm-farming.

  • Two Oceans Apartments is also listed on the Cape Town Green Map as an Eco Tourism Establishment

  • Breakfasts are made even more delicious by African Queen Guesthouse's resident hens who lay eggs on their premises as well as providing veggies from their garden - Yum!


The best way to fight for our environment is to lead by example, to share the journey with our friends and family and encourage others to recycle and use environmentally friendly products in their every-day lives.

Lastly: African Queen Guesthouse makes use of a 'water-wise' call to action which is included in welcome letters to their guests.

How are you doing your bit?