Saving our water in Noordheok

Cape Town is on level 3B water restrictions from 1 February 2017 until further notice. Level 3 tariffs remain applicable for level 3B water restrictions.  Noordhoek is included in this. 

Continued high water usage had forced city authorities to consider more drastic water restrictions as dam levels had reached critically low levels due to the continued drought.

What does Level 3B mean?

Restrictions applicable to residential customers:(for a full outline of the Level 3b restrictions, click here).

– No washing of vehicles or boats, using municipal drinking water. Vehicles and boats must be washed with non-potable water or washed at a commercial carwash.
– Customers are strongly encouraged to install water efficient parts, fittings and technologies to minimise water use at all taps, showerheads and other plumbing components.
– Manual topping up of swimming pools allowed only if fitted with a pool cover. No automatic top-up systems are allowed.
– The use of portable or any temporary play pools is prohibited.
– No increase of the indigent water allocation over and above the free 350L a day will be granted, unless through prior application and permission for specific events such as burial ceremonies.

What can you do as a resident in Cape Town to help save water?

Did you know: Most homes use well under 1 000 litres per day (30 kl per month). If you use more than this, you are a considered a high water consumer. (Refer to the City of Cape Town’s websitefor more information.