Keeping the Heart of Noordhoek Beating

The Noordhoek Environmental Action Group (NEAG) is a non-profit organisation of like-minded people who support NEAG’s aims, Mission and Vision as outlined herein.

NEAG is first and foremost an ACTION group that will never stand down on any issues that compromise its Mission and Vision.

Concerns and Aims:

  • Concerns remained largely around alien vegetation, inappropriate developments, and the usual pressures which come with being situated close to a large city.

  • Their aims therefore are to protect and preserve indigenous flora, fauna, wildlife, marine life and ecological systems of Noordhoek’s environment.

  • As well as promoting a holistic and mutually beneficial relationship between Noordhoek’s environment and the human population inhabiting and visiting it.

How they help:

NEAG has been involved in an array of initiatives such as:

  • Working with developers to assist in decreasing the effects of developments on the environment (e.g., the Long Beach Mall Developments) the Lakes (Lake Michelle) as well as halting inappropriate developments in the valley (e.g., a Hotel on the beach) which entail insensitive proposals from developers.

  • On a smaller scale, they advise home-owners on care of milkwoods and the like.

  • The NEAG website includes information about Noordhoek and is updated with new or interesting information, such as a compilation on guides to post-fire management of vegetation.

  • Running monthly beach clean-ups (taking place on the first Sunday morning of each month)

  • Clearing of alien vegetation

  • Supporting ‘On the Verge’ and providing financial management for ‘ToadNuts’

In 2012 NEAG won a WESSA (Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa) regional awards for environmental services.

NEAG thrive on the involvement of the local community of Noordhoek as they believe that the community lie at the heart of preserving the life and light of Noordhoek.

How can the local community help?

Firstly by joining the NEAG! – at only R50 a year for your membership you will be kept informed about environmental matters within the valley (Via facebook or email)

From joining the Facebook page (details below) to becoming a committee member, no amount of assistance is too little. The committee are all volunteers, and all but one member have daytime jobs, so all hands on deck are appreciated.  

NEAG believes in serving as an “umbrella under which all issues can be resolved”.

Joining the Facebook page:

  • It is a closed group so members will be added after inspection

To become a paid member:

A big thanks to Robert Anderson from NEAG for providing us with information to use.