Constantia Wine Route

Constantia is the birthplace of the wine farming industry in South Africa.

Constantia Valley History:
The beautiful Constantia Valley takes its name from the farm granted to Simon van der Stel in 1685 by Commissioner van Rheede. It is said that Governor van der Stel named his property after Constanza, the little daughter of his benefactor. We know the entire area now as Constantia. The Governor planted orchards and vineyards.

When van der Stel died in 1712, the farm was subdivided, first into two, Groot Constantia and Bergvliet and then again into Hoop of Constantia and Witteboomen. Alphen was never incorporated because van der Stel died before this could happen. From 1714 Olaf Bergh and his beautiful wife, Anna de Koning, farmed at Groot Constantia and others followed.

The Constantia Valley is truly Cape Town’s Vineyard

The oldest wine-making region in the southern hemisphere, dating back to 1685, Constantia Valley is today the Cape’s most intimate wine route consisting of nine wine farms, each with their own distinctive heritage and premium wines.

Enjoyed by Napoleon Bonaparte and royalty in the 18th century, Constantia Valley’s unique combination of terroir and climate produces some of the world’s finest wines that continue to this day to win accolades and international awards for consistently high standard and quality.

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