Heart for Art

Butterfly Art Project: Encouring creativity and healing through Art

The Butterfly Art Projects' mission is to bring art into the community & society to encourage the power & healing potential in the arts.

Heart for Art
The Heart for Art program within the Art Outreach department targets beneficiaries outside of school hours aged from 6 years to adulthood. This platform provides our learners with the opportunity to express themselves using several different art mediums and offer a safe space for each of them to grow positively irrespective of the vulnerable living conditions they face every day.

Their Art Outreach Progamme extends their services to the public where they offer art classes and extra curricular activities to Corporates, schools and any groups of people from across Cape Town (including Noordhoek). They use the arts as a form to team build, unite groups, build self confidence and ignite creative spirits and to build relationships amongst groups and to celebrate each other for their ability they have to create.

These activations are not only beneficial for external groups, but helps the Butterfly Art project to continue the work they do by encouraging creativity and healing through art to all of our kids and young adults.

For more information on the great work the project does, please go to their website: http://www.butterflyartproject.org/