A Tribute to Single Mother's

Most households are run by single mothers, according to a study by Statistics South Africa released in 2015. The statistics may shock you; as we look around within our lives we can count how many single mothers we know and how many happily married parents alike. However, the numbers from the above study revealed over 1.1 million births were registered, but 64% had no information on fathers. 

Karen Kramer, a UI assistant professor of family studies said: “Single mothers earn about two-thirds of what single fathers earn. Even when we control for such variables as occupation, numbers of hours worked, education, and social capital, the income gap does not decrease by much. Single mothers are far more likely to live in poverty than single fathers, and they do not catch up over time”.


It is tough to truly understand the struggle of single parenthood unless you have experienced it within your inner life sphere by being a child of a single parent, being one yourself or having a close relationship with one. 

Single mothers carry the weight of the world upon their backs and upon the surface of what we see, they look strong, capable and fierce. 

But behind the exterior lies a brutally soft woman, one who has to be equally feminine and masculine, equally tough and soft, equally good cop and bad cop, and equally disciplinarian and comfort provider.

We take for granted the dual roles our single mothers have to play.  They have no-one to bounce their ideas off, no-one to tell them to be calm when they are over-reacting or to be harsher when they aren’t enforcing enough "tough". They have to balance the books themselves too; raising a child is insanely expensive and doing it alone puts immense strain on a single parent.  

The balance is a tough one to strike but mothers have a special magic inside of them which ensures the survival of their child over the survival of themselves. They sacrifice very much, and often their personal lives entirely in order to provide as much of their time and resources for their children. 

But if you ask them if they would have it any other way, they will never say yes. The unconditional love that springs from a mother’s heart is as selfless as love gets.The support a single mother receives is where she finds her spark to keep going, whether it be family, friends, or someone who sees them in the store haggling with their child and gives them that “I know what you’re going through” look which ends with a smile and slight relief that they are not alone. 

Let us support our single mothers.

This Mother’s Day, lest not forget them and single fathers too;  those widowed, divorced, those fighting on their own or those who have lost children. We are by their side, united in heart and in spirit