A Sporting Chance

A local initiative we want to spotlight this month is The Sporting Chance Development Foundation (SCDF), which aims to inspire South African children to develop a lifelong passion for exercise and sport and enjoy a healthy and positive lifestyle. The Foundation is committed to identifying and nurturing natural and raw sports talent among South African children.

Through the Foundation South African children from impoverished communities are provided the opportunity to play sport in a safe and structured environment while simultaneously receiving an education on important life skills. Sporting Chance focuses on fostering the upliftment of children by teaching them to prioritise their education and to steer away from social evils.

The Sporting Chance Development Foundation was officially registered as an NPO in 2009, although the team had been rolling out community development interventions and programmes since Sporting Chance was launched in 1990 – 25 years ago. The organisation’s prime objective is to provide opportunities for sporting achievement for as many children as possible – irrespective of race, gender or social class – by offering professional coaching within all community sectors. Based on the knowledge that the foundation for sporting ability is laid during the formative years, Sporting Chance advocates and implements various programmes for coaching school-age children.

Sporting Chance’s philosophy is to get children off the streets, away from their computer games and TV’s and instil in them a love of sport and physical activity. With disciplined, structured coaching that strikes a balance between sports, academics, and “play”, Sporting Chance has developed some of South Africa’s most promising sportspeople.

Sporting Chance has the support of various local, provincial and national government departments, the Sports Science Institute of SA, SuperSport Lets Play and Cricket South Africa and has an impeccable track record.

Sporting Chance relies on sponsorship and donations in order to manage and develop their community based projects. They are always searching for corporate or private investment into the mass participation market, and can use assistance with the following:

•Sport coaching programmes

•Educational bursaries – give tomorrow’s sporting heroes the best opportunity.

•Upgrading of facilities

•Clothing, food, transportation etc.

To discuss how you or your company can do to get involved (along with all the benefits this participation can have!) check out the website: www.sportingchance.co.za or contact brad@sportingchance.co.za